Store Inventory
Store Inventory A broker can access our site and input an unlimited amount of inventory, with descriptions, up to 12 photos, map to location, phone number, email, web site link and store bio. The service is a simple low monthly subscription fee of only $50 per month, per store. The inventory listings do NOT expire, they can run till they sell! There are no contracts or time commitments. Cancel at any time. NEW E-COMMERCE: SELL items directly on our site, the funds go directly into your account! Just 2% of sales, plus credit card processing fess! Create your account to get signed up for our E-Commerce today!
Banner Ads - Coming Soon!
There are three banner ad locations on every page of The Pawnshopper.Com. Three different ads will rotate in each space every time the page refreshes. You may choose to pay to advertise your store, for a 50 mile radius from your zip code. Banner locations are charged as a flat monthly fee of:
  • Top Banner Ad Position: $25 (Home Page - $50)
  • Right Column Position: $10 (Home Page - $20)
  • Bottom Banner Position: $25 (Home Page - $50)
All of the above positions are reserved on a per month basis. Additional coverage can be purchased at an additional charge.
Home Page Inventory Placement - Coming Soon!
A broker can choose to display any particular item on our home page scrolling inventory section for a fee of $19.95 per item, per month. Each item will be included in the scrolling inventory for 30 days and will be deleted at the end of thirty days or upon a sale of the item.
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