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What can ThePawnShopper.com do for you?

Locate Inventory: Tired of flipping through the phone book and cold calling pawn shops to find the item you are looking for? Welcome to Pawnshopper.Com. We are your link to pawn shop online inventory across the nation! Simply choose a category, enter your zip code and your search radius and we will show you inventory from pawnshops in your local area.
Pawnshopper.Com started as a solution to provide consumers a better way to locate pawn shop inventory from a radius of their zip code. Recently, Pawnshopper.Com has transitioned to a full E-Commerce solution. Consumers can now click on a Purchase Now button or a Make Offer button to buy an item directly on the site. The site also has an industry first Pawn Loan solution that allows a consumer to submit an item directly on the site (with photos), input their zip code and choose which pawnshops will view their item within a certain distance from their zip code. The item is then submitted to the selected pawn shops and the pawn shops respond with a potential loan amount saving the consumer time and some times embarrassment of having to go into several pawn shops to find out how much their item is worth and how the loan process works. With Pawnshopper.Com, a consumer can find out what their item is worth with only a few easy steps. The site is fairly young, but is sustaining steady growth each month.

Need a Loan? Looking for a loan, pawn loan or quick solution to your financial situation? Simply click on the "Need A Loan?" button at the top of our home page to begin a quick and simple process to find our what pawnshops in your area will give you a loan and how much they will potentially lend on your item. Input the details of your loan item and upload a few photos and receive potential loan amounts from the brokers you selected in your area. To get started click here.

Enjoy your shopping experience here at The Pawnshopper.Com. Need anything? Have any suggestions? Just let us know by clicking here.

Company History

Founded in the March of 2007 in Austin, Texas, the company currently consists of three managing partners. The site was officially launched to the public in the first quarter of 2008.

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Ross Rountree
Ross Rountree
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ross founded The Pawnshopper.Com in March of 2007 and is the creativity behind the site's initial concept, industry solution and array of features. Stemming from a lifetime of entrepreneurial drive and determination, Ross has been involved in many ventures including his 15 years in the automotive industry to real estate and many roles in finance, sales/marketing and other start ups. Ross’ business mind and endless motivation are what propels the vision and future of this company to becoming an industry supported success and achieving the goal of improving the public’s awareness and overall perception of the pawn industry.
Robbie Huttenhower
Robbie Huttenhower
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Robbie is the technology and architecture behind The Pawnshopper.Com and created the site from initial concept to what it is today. His passion as a software engineer with more than ten years of computer software and hardware experience in developing business solutions, specialization in client/server database implementation, front end application development, hardware/software configuration as well as technically proficient in many languages, operating systems, network protocols and software packages is what drives the technology behind this exciting new company.
Jerry Whitehead
Jerry Whitehead
Advisor to Broker Relations
Jerry brings 35+ years of pawnbroker experience to the company as well as establishing key relationships throughout the industry. Jerry is a second generation pawnbroker and is a leading merger, acquisitions and valuation expert. In addition, he has grown his reputation and experience in the industry to reach beyond the United States and consults with Pawn Shop groups across the globe through his company, Pawnshop Consulting Group, based in Florida. Mr. Whitehead served on the board of directors for the National Pawnbrokers Association for more than a decade and formerly served for the NPA on the Board of Trustees. As a leading Key Note speaker and author of many published articles in industry related publications for close to 2 decades he continues to support and benefit our company and industry in many ways.
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