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The phrase ONLINE PAWN SHOP wasn’t even in our collective lingo a few years ago. Over the last twelve to eighteen months several online giants have emerged. The ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE PAWN may at first seem to seriously challenge the traditional PAWN BROKER. But nothing could be further from reality.

"We aren’t trying to nor are we able to take over your local pawn shop" says Andy M. Anderson the Director of Processing and Logistics for ePawnMarket Inc. “In fact, we are here to compliment the traditional broker” Anderson elaborates. Flexibility in RATES AND TERMS make ePawnMarket ideal for many LUXURY ITEM that can be safely shipped. We receive thousands of loan requests and over 70% of those requests prefer to use items too large to ship as collateral for their secured pawn loan. and ePawnMarket have partnered to provide your local pawn shop with direct customer leads. 100% of all PAWN LOAN requests that ePawnMarket cannot service are distributed by to its BROKER NETWORK.

"We don’t want to reinvent the concept of pawning because it’s one of the World’s oldest and most pure forms of secure financing" says Daniel A. Delnoce the Director of Marketing and Sales at ePawnMarket Inc. “What we are trying to do is give both the consumer and the traditional pawn shop a chance to succeed” explains Delnoce. When an item cannot be shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS at affordable rates the advantages of affiliation between and ePawnMarket are apparent. As soon as the individual clicks that their valuable item is not shippable they are instantly rerouted to the network of local pawn shops that have partnered with When a pawn loan can be serviced by ePawnMarket the customer is provided access to flexible rates and terms that will beat any online pawn shop. We guarantee it!

With this mutually beneficial model for an online pawn shop ePawnMarket and PawnShopper will bring value to both the local broker and internet savvy online pawn shop customer.

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