Has your vacuum at home been acting up lately? If it is, then I assume you may be having issues cleaning your carpet. It may not be easy to have your carpet cleaned with a few push buttons when this happens. However, there may be some other ways to keep the carpet friendly to use with your kids and pets.   

  1. Grab a broom as well as a dustpan  

Have you seen vacuums in old films? Even if you watch movies from long ago involving elite families, you will not see any usage of vacuums in their era because it has not been invented yet. The usage of vacuum has been so advertised in today’s time that we have relied on it too much. When it has acquired problems, we often feel crippled because we cannot do cleaning like we used to. This is especially applicable to cleaning our carpets at home. However, when this unfortunate event takes place, and no near repair services can help restore our vacuum, you can o old school and grab a broom as well as dustpan from your utility room. This is an old yet effective way to get rid of dust. You can also get rid of crumbs that fell on your carpet when your child played on it. The dustpan makes the task easier because it has provided an easy way to collect without going back and forth to the trash bin.   

  1. Rely on a carpet sweeper 

A carpet sweeper is just like a vacuum. However, if you are used to the hum that vacuum cleaners produce, you should not expect the same sound is coming from a carpet sweeper. This is a good alternative in cleaning your carpet easier while not scaring away your pets that are around. It is a manual tool with a roller and a brush that helps glide and seep off any dust or crumbs on your carpet. Also, it has a trash bin of its own that is attached to its brush and rollers. You will only exert a push through this, and you will certainly have a cleaner carpet afterward.   

3. Grab a bucket and scrub away 

If you are looking for a way to clean your carpet correctly and not just collect dust from it, you should grab a bucket and brush to help you with the process. The usual task is to incorporate carpet cleaning solutions to make the task easier. However, these cleaning solutions may also have some toxic chemicals that may be in them and may harm the fibers on your carpet. A more subtle way of cleaning it is through mixing water and your usual laundry detergent soap and applying it little by little on areas that need it the most. You can also use the scrub for areas that have stains on them. If you wish to ditch the usage of the brush to protect your carpet fibers, you can opt for a basic mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Allow the mixture to soak in on the stained area and pat with a cloth soaked in water.  

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